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Frappuccino freeze redux


starbucksicecream1Starbucks is back in the ice cream case with new partner Unilever, the parent of brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers.

Starbucks, which built its business selling $3 and $4 coffee drinks, is fighting to reignite growth in a tough recession and working to convince consumers that its products are a value and not a expensive indulgence.

Starbucks and Unilever say they tapped the talent from brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers to reformulate the coffee chain’s ice cream, which is now packaged in pints that mimic the appearance of the well-known Starbucks coffee cups.

The new flavors hitting U.S. grocery store freezers now are Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappuccino, Java Chip Frappuccino and Coffee. The partners are also selling two flavors of milk chocolate-coated ice cream bars — Mocha and Coffee – at convenience stores.