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Fro-yo seller sees red


Red Mango, one of the new generation of hip frozen yogurt chains cropping up on the U.S. coasts, is seeing red and offering a new pomegranate flavor from POM, the juice maker, starting today and available for a limited time of currently unknown duration.

While many knock-off frozen yogurt joints have multiple flavors, Red Mango and rival Pinkberry are keeping it simple with just three. Both companies offer plain and green tea flavors. The third flavor choice at Pinkberry is coffee.

What’s your flavor?

(Photo: Red Mango)

Fro-yo leaders break from the pack


newpinkberry1.jpgFrozen yogurt is hot — again.

Pinkberry and Red Mango revived the segment and are breaking away from the pack with help from venture capital funding.

While the last generation of frozen yogurt sellers offered ice cream-flavored swirls, next-gen “fro-yo” shops peddle a tart and tangy product that tastes closer to unadulterated yogurt — boosting its appeal as a healthy snack.