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Wal-Mart looks to political convention ads to lure shoppers


wmtecon5.JPGTV viewers may be undecided about how they will vote in the upcoming presidential election, but if Wal-Mart has its way, they should not be undecided about where to shop.

As the Democratic and Republican National Conventions get underway, Wal-Mart is preparing to launch a series of TV ads that will highlight how consumers, worried about the economic climate, can save money by shopping at the discount retailer.

The ads will run on cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, and the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. The ads will start on Aug. 25 and run through Sept. 7.

In rolling out the ads, Wal-Mart cited a survey by Voter/Consumer Research of Washington, DC according to which more than half of all Americans surveyed – including three quarters of African-Americans and about two thirds of Hispanics — said they are more likely to shop at Walmart discount stores now compared with six months ago. It also said that nearly half of registered voters who are currently undecided between presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain say they are more likely to shop at Walmart today than they were six months ago.