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Retailers, consumers and prices

Would this label sway your buying decision?


This is a picture of a label that might one day adorn the merchandise hanging on a rack at Wal-Mart. wmtlabel2

The final look and feel of the label could change – maybe it would have a number rating instead of a sliding scale.

But Wal-Mart said the idea is to give shoppers a means of calculating the environmental and social cost of making, packing and selling all of the items in its stores.

The labels could take a while to develop — maybe five to ten years — so they wouldn’t necessarily be aimed at the shopper in its stores today.

At Banana, never having to pay full price — until May 1


USA/The retail industry  is debating what the drastic discounts that were offered during the holiday season now means for “full priced” selling in 2009.

After becoming accustomed to discounts of 50, 60 or 70 percent, will consumers tolerate paying the full amount listed on a price tag? And if so, when will that happen? And does “full price” now mean selling items for 10 percent to 20 percent below what they were sold for a year ago?