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Retailers, consumers and prices

2 for the price of 1: Works for sweaters, why not TVs?


bundle1It wasn’t too long ago that flat screen TVs were a novelty, costing thousands of dollars and hung only on the walls of high-income consumers.

How quickly thing change, especially in the world of electronics. 

This year, as TV makers confront excess supply and shoppers show a reluctance to splurge on big-ticket items, Costco is selling bundles of two flat screen TVs, pricing two for basically the price of one.

Right now on, consumers can buy a 52-inch Sharp LCD TV bundled with a 32-inch Sharp LCD TV for $1,799.99.  Or shoppers can get two 42-inch LCD Sharp TVS for $1,499.99.

It appears the same Sharp 52-inch LCD TV is listed for $1,699.99 on

BJ’s: Prices are going up and competition may be “brutal”


costco1.jpgLate last month, Costco warned its quarterly profit would miss Wall Street estimates as soaring costs and inflationary pressures ate into its margins.

While the cost of the goods it sells was going up, the No 1 U.S. warehouse club operator said it was delaying passing along price increases to shoppers in order to boost its sales and appeal to cash-strapped consumers.