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Is Starbucks’ Vivanno the next Frappuccino?


vivanno1.JPGStarbucks stores around the United States are quietly preparing to roll out a new line of smoothies, called Vivanno, next week.

Some stores have even started a countdown for customers. In at least four coffee shops in Los Angeles and Chicago on Friday, chalkboards announced that Vivanno Nourishing Blends smoothies would be available in just four days.

vivanno21.JPGStarbucks officials wouldn’t say anything more about the smoothies, but the in-store signs pretty much said it all, including that the drinks would come in orange-mango-banana and banana-chocolate flavors.

Could Vivanno be the breath of fresh air Starbucks needs to turn itself around? In 10 years, will “Vivanno” be as iconic a word as “Frappuccino?”