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Check Out Line: Your new CVS CEO will be ready in 12 months


Thomas RyanCheck out who’s checking out at CVS.

The drugstore and pharmacy benefits plan operator said CEO Thomas Ryan will leave that post a year from now. He is expected to be succeeded by COO Larry Merlo.

Ryan has presided over a great deal of change in his 12 years as CEO, including rapid expansion of the company’s store base
and the 2007 acquisition of Caremark, which helped move CVS past the role of traditional pharmacy operator and made it a larger player in health care.

But the company also faces a Federal Trade Commission investigation and probes by State Attorneys General into some of its business practices.

Also, in April, CtW Investment Group asked U.S. regulators to conduct an inquiry into what it called insider transactions by CVS executives, including Ryan. CVS said at the time that the allegations would be shown to lack merit.