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Did you power down for Earth Hour?


The Las Vegas strip (below) and other global icons went dark on Saturday for Earth Hour.








McDonald’s powered down in Chicago. Twitter was alight with Earth Hour tweets.








The annual event, launched in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund, aims to encourage people to cut energy use and curb greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.

World emissions have risen by about 70 percent since the 1970s. China has recently overtaken the United States as the top emitter, ahead of the European Union, Russia and India.

L.A. keeps on (taco) truckin’!


kogi211Meet Kogi, L.A.’s newest celebrity.

It’s not a buxom starlet or a hunky leading man, it’s a Korean-themed taco truck that sells things like Korean short rib tacos to home-made ice cream sandwiches and daily specials.

In a city where taco trucks are as ubiquitous as New York City’s hot dog vendors, Kogi has used technology lure fans.

Jack is Back!


By Shivani Singh

jackcomaJack Box, hamburger chain Jack in the Box’s snowman-faced mascot, is alive and kicking.  

Last month, the mascot was hit by a bus in an advertising spot aired during the Super Bowl. The campaign continued online for a month, with a cliff-hanger that left fast-food fans wondering whether Jack would survive. 
jack-logoFollowing some intrigue involving corporate underlings, Jack woke up last week to take back the reins of the company and launch its new logo that blows up the word ‘Jack,’ which is how most customers refer to the fast-food chain. 
The post-Super Bowl viral campaign targeted the company’s core audience of mostly 18- to 34-year-olds, who used YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to cook up millions of hits, Chief Marketing Officer Terri Graham told Reuters.  
The multichannel campaign was also supported by coupons. On Tuesday, the company gave a free soda and small fries to people who printed a coupon on the ‘Hang In there Jack’ site. Restaurants saw an increase in traffic on the days the coupons were offered, the company said.