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A new edition for Banana


earring1A new accessories store from Gap Inc chain Banana Republic is set to open in San Francisco in May. The boutique, Edition by Banana Republic, is a test for the apparel giant, and an opportunity to explore merchandising and design ideas for the accessories sold in Banana Republic stores.

The boutique in downtown’s Westfield San Francisco Centre will feature limited-edition jewelry, as well as handbags and other accessories, such as sunglasses and personal care items.
Most items will be priced below $100, Gap said.
Sales of accessories have been a bright spot in an otherwise dismal retail landscape since last year. With their lower price points — and higher profit margins — accessories have managed to maintain their luster with many women, who are jazzing up existing wardrobes while giving a cold shoulder to new apparel purchases.
The items available in Edition by Banana Republic will be unique to the store and won’t be available online or in the retailers’ other chains — even Banana Republic.

(Photo: Banana Republic)