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Lipstick advice from a Lauder


lipstickLooking for beauty advice?  Try an annual meeting.
At Friday’s Estee Lauder Cos Inc event, a female shareholder asked management why one of the company’s long-lasting lipsticks is dry.

“I personally don’t use long last lipstick,” Executive Chairman William Lauder joked.
To get to the heart of the matter, he called upon Clinique President Lynne Greene, who said she loves wearing the lipstick in question.  The dryness of the lipstick actually helps give the benefit of lasting long, she said.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough advice.  A few minutes later, Evelyn Lauder — William’s mother and a senior corporate vice president at the company — addressed the shareholder and the crowd with a little more of a lipstick lesson.

Remember, Evelyn Lauder has a bit of experience in the business, working for the company her mother-in-law started.  She even helped to create and name the Clinique brand, which debuted in 1968.