Shop Talk

Retailers, consumers and prices

“I’m okay, you’re okay,” the weak economy version


petrol.jpgApparently, it’s chic to save money. Soaring gas and food prices, falling home values and deteriorating stock portfolios will do that.
According to a survey by WSL Strategic Retail, 56 percent of people said they “feel proud of all the little ways I’ve found to save money and pay for rising food and gas prices.”
It’s good that they feel proud, because 73 percent said they feel they are more careful about shopping now than a year ago.
Meanwhile, 63 percent of women said they avoid going to stores where they know they will overspend. Those stores include specialty clothing retailers (64 percent) and department stores (56 percent)
And of all surveyed, 25 percent said they are buying some new things for the home, since they are spending so much time there.

(Photo: Reuters)