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Feb 12, 2013
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India ponders deficit control after the gold rush


India’s central government in January raised the tax on refined gold imports by 50 percent. This increase to 6 percent from 4 percent is the second rise this fiscal year. Why does it keep making gold more expensive, particularly as the nation enters its prime wedding season when brides will be bedecked with the metal from head to toe?

That’s part of the problem — a large part. India’s cultural attachment to gold is something that anybody who has been to an Indian wedding could tell you about. For those of you who haven’t, consider this report from CBS’s “60 Minutes” TV news program:

Dec 23, 2012
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Delhi gang rape: protests for women’s rights attract politicking instead


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The perfect recipe of a bad curry is to do everything right, then add one wrong ingredient, or add the right ingredient in the wrong amount. In this case, the ingredient is the mango, or as they call it in Hindi, “aam.”

Jul 30, 2012
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Wary of stocks, Indians cling to safe havens


Sometimes people suspect that the grass is greener in the next field … but they’re not always right.

Consider this. India’s gross domestic product has grown about 7 percent on an average per year for the past nine years. Its industrial growth has been steadily rising since then. Buoyed by economic growth, the country‚Äôs capital markets also offered itself as an attractive and inflation beating investment option.

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