Introducing Reuters Small Business

May 18, 2009

Today marks the launch of Reuters Small Business, designed to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to innovate and grow their businesses.

We’ve got a dedicated editorial team looking at the stories that matter most to the small business sector, and content from partners like Entrepreneur, BNET, IDG,, and Wired. Editor Jon Cook will also be reporting live from the Small Business Week conference in Washington, DC.

Here’s some of what is available this week:

Are you a small business owner or a multimedia entrepreneur? We are looking to build a community of small business owners, and we want to hear from you!

What are conditions like for small businesses in today’s economy? What help is needed from local, state and federal government? And are you seeing any of the vaunted “green shoots” of recovery?

Leave your answers in comments.


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Good to see Reuters get the small-biz religion.

I think the issue of credit continues to be top-of-mind for many small businesses.

Signs out of the SBA are promising but overall there’s still a freeze between the banks and small businesses.

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Congratulations on Reuters Small Business launch. It will hopefully give small business owners a well-deserved forum in which to exchange ideas, information, and inspiration.

As a 20-year veteran small business attorney, I have counseled hundreds of businesses working across diverse industries and have great respect for the energy, resourcefulness and commitment of all entrepreneurs. My experience has been that these individuals are rarely stymied and always innovating.
However, over the past 6 months, I have heard a steady stream of despair over having to lay off employees, close down long standing companies, and make other devastating cuts, to address the essential cash flow problem brought on by sales declines AND lenders sudden risk awareness. As these economic backbones bend and break, these business owners watch the behemoths get rescued with bailouts, while their lines of credit are reduced and closed.
While the SBA programs like the Section 504 and 7(a) loans are intended to help, they do not provide effective assistance because they are sold and serviced through private banks, many of which do not participate in such programs because of the difficulties of complying with intricate SBA regulations. It is my assertion that government assistance to small business could be made available much more quickly and efficiently simply by amending the corporate and partnership tax codes to exempt the first $50K of earnings from taxation provided it is re-invested into the businesses. In doing so, these small businesses would experience a well deserved and fair liquidity event.

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Congratulations on Reuters Small Business launch!

As a small business owner in Japan, the environment is tough. Already Japan being a dificult business environment because of language and cultural issues, credit is very hard to get.
At this stage, it is the responsability of the government to encourage spending and restore confidence in the credit market. This could help us all, national or international, small business owners in Japan.

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I think this makes a lot of sense for Reuters — given the credibility and strong editorial organization. With unemployment rising, perhaps a deeper look at starting a business, such as the legal issues, market focus, and so on?

And again, financing is still very critical. There’s lots of confusion in this area. Also, it would be great to see a look at nontraditional forms of financing.

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Really happy to see Reuters resources helping small business in these hard economical times. Look forward to seeing some good quality articles.

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[…] through a few article links and got lost in its treasure trove of information. Reuters recently launched its Small Business section in March 2009 with the goal to “provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to innovate and grow […]

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