Google service helps small businesses

June 10, 2009

Web-challenged small business owners, take note. Google unfurled the latest in its long line of freebie services last week, this time offering a so-called “dashboard” aimed squarely at local businesses suffering from a weak online presence and lack of web know-how.

The new service gives business owners a simple, if limited, way to track information about their customers. Drawing on its map and search data, Google produces metrics such as what zip code your customers are coming from and what words they’re searching for to find your business. Owners can use such information to help them make business decisions on, say, where to open up a second store or how to fine-tune the products or services they offer.

Google will likely use the information provided by small business owners to try to sell ads to them, but, still, the service is a novel idea that’s bound to appeal to many small companies, particularly those looking to expand locally.

Signing up for the service at Google’s “Local Business Center” also allows any business with a brick-and-mortar store or office to customize how their company is listed on Google’s search and map services. For example, a mom-and-pop eatery can beef up their listing to include a menu, hours of operation and pictures and video of what’s on offer. A business can also try to attract new customers by hawking printable promotional coupons on their listing.

Of course, for those small businesses looking to grow their online presence in a big way there’s no substitute for having a bona fide website. But for those just coming to grips with the marketing possibilities of the web, Google’s new service could just be the fast, cheap and easy introduction they need.

Google is not the only option. Small businesses willing to shell out a few dollars might try Wordtracker, a service that helps companies identify popular keywords and phrases that can help drive people to their website or listing through internet searches.

For those firms looking for a wider array of data, Webtrends could be the granddaddy of them all (note: Reuters is a client), especially if your company already has a website. The service allows you to track everything from what referrals you are getting from search engines to navigational trends between pages on your site and advertising results.

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[...] say the addition was simply for those with limited web presence, although if sites are even showing up in local search results, I’d say they’re doing [...]

I have seen the small business local search results but I have not really associated them with being valuable sites to visit especially if i’m after information (compared to say Pizza take away).

Its a shame there isnt much out there that can help these guys that doesnt cost thousands of dollars. All it really takes is a few good seo techniques and a few hours a day.

Google are innovators but most small business find them an unprofitable cost to their business.

I own a small business in childcare due to all the job losses there’s no relief that I see coming. My capacity was 42 children and now it’s down to 13 children I can barely keep the doors open. I’m on my computer everyday trying to find assistance, but therefore ther’s none forthe child care providers.

[...] that Google will probably mine the information SMB owners offer up to for the dashboards to serve them better ads in the future. I’d agree that’s probably true, however, there’s not much you can do about that. Google will [...]

[...] that Google will probably mine the information SMB owners offer up to for the dashboards to serve them better ads in the future. I’d agree that’s probably true, however, there’s not much you can do about that. Google will [...]

yes it is a fact that Google services can help small business owners in some ways but i have some of my friends who does not find them a good option.

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