Time to get a grip on health insurance? Survey says yes

August 25, 2009

US-HEALTHCAREAs lawmakers grapple with the intricacies of a national healthcare overhaul, many small-business owners are facing a healthcare struggle of their own: determining a suitable health insurance plan for their company.

A new survey reveals that many executives at small firms in the U.S. lack the confidence and know-how to pick a health insurance policy that will meet the needs of their employees and their company’s bottom line.

Of the 500 executives surveyed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), 64 percent said they don’t feel confident choosing a plan, and 60 percent said they’re unsure of how their taxes would be affected if they shell out to cover a portion of their employees’ health insurance.

More discouraging still, one-third of small business execs who responded said they can’t afford to provide health coverage for their workers.

With employer-sponsored insurance premiums up 119 percent over the past decade, according to another recent study, the odds are certainly stacked against small businesses and their employees.

But financial ignorance about employee health policy seems like bad business, even when none of the options out there seem particularly favorable.

The NAIC suggests boosting your health insurance “IQ” in the following ways:

  • Before purchasing any insurance policy, interview several licensed insurance agents specializing in the health insurance needs of small businesses.
  • Before selecting a health plan, survey your employees to find out what coverage they consider particularly important.
  • Understand the factors that influence the cost of the small group coverage in your state. States vary with respect to the methods they permit for calculating premiums.
  • Take advantage of the tax benefits available to your company. Businesses can generally deduct 100 percent of the premiums they pay to qualifying health plans for their employees. Be sure to discuss this matter with your accountant or tax adviser.
  • Know your rights with health insurers by checking with your state insurance department. Typically, small group health plans must treat equally all of your eligible employees (generally full- or part-time employees who work at least 30 hours a week).
  • Determine if your state has a special program to assist small business owners with providing employees and their dependents with health insurance.

How confident are you about choosing an employee health insurance plan for your business? What suggestions do you have for other small-business owners stuck in limbo?

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For small businesses that are not confident in picking health care policies the thing to do is work with an experienced independent insurance agent who is not tied to a particular company.

Picking an insurance policy may be the least of it. Small business owners that we have interviewed in the past couple of months report huge increases coming in their policies that are prompting them to rethink employee coverage.

2010 could be like the “Perfect Storm” for health insurance for small business with surging rates and continuing low business revenues.

Ron D

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My premium is going up 45% this fall, but there may be some Massachusetts funny stuff involved.

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I agree. Find yourself a reputable insurance agent from your friends in business who are involved in insurance purchasing. Or interview several yourself. You can change agents at any time. An experienced agent knows the market and the tax advantaged options for your business.

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As long as we continue to overuse health insurance, the companies are more than happy to continue to increase the premiums. Stop thinking that you “must” have everyday insurance, and go with global coverage only. Works just fine.

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Thank you so much for your very informative post, it cannot only help me but most of all those people who wants to build a small business but know nothing on how to pick the perfect health insurance policy that will suite their employees.

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I’m all for supporting employees with health coverage but we’re one of the few “modern” countries in the world that have to add this to cost of goods sold.

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