VIDEO: New class of startup aims for quick revenues

August 26, 2009

peHub‘s Dan Primack spoke with Reuters about a new kind of startup that’s designed to develop an idea and then be snapped up by a larger company.

As Primack explains, these startups differ from the traditional sort in that they tend to be interested in creating targeted web services or applications rather than conventional companies with longer-term growth ambitions.

“The hope for these companies isn’t to create the next Google or the next Cisco, the goal is to create a little application that Google or Cisco or Facebook or Twitter wants and then will purchase,” he explains.

Primack says startups of this new variety are often cheaper to start and run, and tend to realize revenues very quickly because they are designed to create a one-off service.

Many have been reared by Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley-based venture outfit that invests in young startups and helps them fine tune their applications or services.

Watch the interview with Primack below.


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This sounds like a great approach, particularly during uncertain economic times. New and recent businesses that we track are having an absolute miserable time trying to raise any amount of capital.

Ron D

Posted by Ron Derven | Report as abusive

Dear Editor,
Your interview with Mr.Dan is excellent.
I saw this video with special interests.
Very good Ideas.
In this crisis in economic mobilization for starting a big enterprise with many aspiring business persons are very difficult.
As per his views,A great idea with some cushioned capital for a new website for small investors,business interest segments with raising new and risk less capital generations will be welcomed by concerned small nations like Norway,Switzerland,and by some European upcoming markets.
Once,more responses and by more encouragements from new users,members of this new websites will make a way to sell it to well known social websites.

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This is nothing new. Back in the 1990’s, they called this concept “built to flip”, and was quite common during the bubble. It’s probably even older than that.

Posted by Jim Dominic | Report as abusive