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wow. this is really cool. i think it would be an extremely smart idea if you tried to also reach different audiences. teenagers. i would love to do something like this, it sounds really fun :) i already post videos and take TONS of pictures and post it to many websites as is, and like i said, I would love to do something like this! please contact me,
~Alyssa :)

By: ranvijay24 Mon, 22 Mar 2010 14:49:44 +0000 Hi

The concept is very impressive and I really appreciate Sadler for his innovative way of advertising. But I am little bit confused how an advertiser will come to know that the hired Sadler is really advertising his campaign or sitting inside his sweet little home. Is there any GPS Systems attached in the T – shirt to track him.

Ranvijay Singh

By: Carrier Sat, 19 Dec 2009 11:16:53 +0000 As far as i’m connerned,i totally agree with Mr.Gorrie’s thought.If you want to be a successful guy,you have to keep innovation,because people always change,they don’t always like the same thing.So i want to say,Sadler,keep changing,and creat more exciting thing for us.