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You said,

“Encourage financial innovation. We need innovative financing models for the startup sector, because debt or equity providers support just a tiny, select minority. We must help innovative entrepreneurs develop profitable financing mechanisms targeted to a much broader base of deserving startups”

We couldn’t agree more so we built it!

If you want to Startup America here is how you do it. 

First you need to be able to see who the entrepreneurs are, where they are located, and how much capital they need to launch and succeed, so we built a digital map showcasing Startups Across America.   Now anyone launching a new company in the USA can stake their claim for a piece of the American Dream on the map and broadcast their funding needs to a nation of possible investors. The number of start-ups and the funding dollars they are trying to raise is totaled by state and showcased on the map so everyone can see where the opportunities are and the money that is needed. We can no longer wait for or depend on conventional forms of capitalization, i.e. small business loans, angel and venture capital to provide access to capital to get us out of the economic crisis. Last year the number of applicants who got venture or angel capital was shockingly low, and too many great ideas, products and inventions never saw the light of day. We must provide another option. To achieve a more level playing field for access to capital, wealthy individuals need to take a more active role investing in entrepreneurship and innovation to help rebuild the American economy. But they can’t do that if they don’t know where the need is, where the pioneers are, and how much capital entrepreneurs need to launch and succeed. And we need to remove certain regulatory roadblocks that for too long have limited access to investment. We hope entrepreneurs everywhere will join our campaign and encourage startups to sign up onto the map as a first step in a new process to create an expanded flow of investment capital and a new way of clearly seeing the promising Startups Across America.

Second part:

So that everyone can get down to business  together and fully understand the business model that their funding is needed ,we created the Funding Roadmap
on the cloud  accessible from a smart phone, which provides detailed step-by-step questions to which  investors and lenders expect answers, and guides entrepreneurs  through a comprehensive pre-qualification and reporting process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their particular funding request well ahead of time. Multiple-choice selections are designed to educate applicants to take the steps necessary to correct any deficiencies before their presentation. The platform aids startups to mid-sized business owners through the process of preparing a Funding request document to present to  lenders and investors across the state or across the country to “get funded faster (and not waste everyone’s time when they are not prepared or provide boiler plate business plans that never get read,) and provides a polished online presentation that stands out for review by lenders, VCs and angels, as well as friends and family investors. Along with its comprehensive profile of a proposed business, Funding Roadmap features a streaming video feature for elevator pitches. The presentations are available 24 / 7 on-the-cloud to potential lenders, investors and partners, and can be kept current for everyday guidance and ongoing funding needs. Users can save months of time, money, and frustration while increasing their chances of getting funded faster.
Ruth E Hedges CEO

By: Altus Fri, 25 Feb 2011 09:22:37 +0000 We couldn’t agree more. This point stands out. Publish a “sell-by” date for Startup America. I propose December 31, 2015, which gives us almost five years for measurable results. A sell-by date will force the Startup America team to focus on achieving self-sustaining results. Success breeds success, and a powerful way of knowing if a program is successful, is to remove the props and see if it stands on its own.

Plus, we would like to use the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem image, with credit and link of course, on our blog. 2/startup-america-ventures-need-sales-he lp/