Comments on: 7 business mistakes you ought to avoid Grow your own Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:32:24 +0000 hourly 1 By: JL32 Fri, 30 Mar 2012 05:59:44 +0000 Great tips Neil, experience is absolutely the best teacher. I also like your aspect as an entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to get wrong, all of us had been there when just starting. The most important is you need to learn from your mistakes and develop it to a better new you. Just like before when I’m starting to hire staff for my small business. I didn’t realize that I made I wrong decision, hiring staff from job sites like Until I read some tips ( ly-on-job-sites-could-be-a-mistake-for-y our-business/ )regarding mistakes when hiring staff. I found out that there are applicants who are good only on interviews but screw up on the actual work.