MentorMob turns textbooks to playlists

March 6, 2012

Kris Chinosorn is addicted to online learning. But the frustration of having too many windows open while trying to source good information took its toll. His answer was to create MentorMob, a site that allows users to curate online content into step-by-step lessons on any topic.

MentorMob calls these lessons learning playlists. The playlist topics range from the New Hampshire GOP primary to how to bake sourdough bread at home.

“We’re providing the platform for sharing information, but it’s really about anything you want to learn,” says Chinosorn.

He wants MentorMob to be a good source of educational content through the playlists.

“The learner playlist sets it all up for you into a specific order into a long, deep learning process as opposed to a search to find one specific piece of information. We want to focus on that good, deep information,” says Chinosorn, co-founder and CEO of MentorMob.

The website ensures quality control through its content management teams. But playlists can also be open to the public for editing.

“We have content management teams that check out the information and work with content creators to create the best content possible,” says Chinosorn. “People get really excited not only seeing their content learned, but seeing people flock around their playlists because they are passionate about the same thing. Once these people come in and are helping each other, they get excited about seeing that mobilization around one specific playlist or subject.”

The website launched in November 2011 and is still in the alpha stage. The startup was initially self-funded with approximately $40,000. MentorMob is now about to close on an initial round of seed funding.

Chinosorn would not say what MentorMob’s metrics have been, but its traffic has been increasing by 91 percent month over month since its launch.

“It’s a fun, addictive way to learn,” says Chinosorn. “When you click on the next step you don’t know what part of the Internet you’re being sent to. Now not just educators, but enthusiasts with different hobbies are coming to use the platform to teach other people what they’re really passionate about.”

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