Ping Fu’s dramatic journey from captivity to computer entrepreneur

January 16, 2013

Ping Fu, co-founder of Geomagic, shares her harrowing personal story with Reuters Editor-at-Large Sir Harold Evans. Fu, author of “Bend, Don’t Break,” talks about growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution and how she came to the United States with next to nothing and managed to build her own software company.

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The book is more of a fiction, rather than autobiography. Ping Fu was growingin up in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the same as me and many of my friends during the culture revolution. Her father was in the same “re-education” camp as my father who was also the professor of the same univ and was once lived in the same room as my father. Ping Fu was one year younger than my sister, and her younger sister was one year older than me. We (her younger sister and many of us not yet school age at the time) were all boarded at Univ kintergarden and slept on the floor without the bed while parents were sent away. The brain wash, hungry, etc were not just her personal suffering, but a generation during the culture revoltion. She was not sent to the child labor factory, but was a lucky one who didn’t have to be sent to the country side working as farmers for “re-education” after graudated from the high school. Her father was not sent for logging for 12 yrs…she was not sent by Chinese government for exile because her thesis on one-child policy and abortion, but because her relative sponsored her study in US. She went to the same elementary school and high school as my sister…we saw her almost everyday on the same road to the school. There was no Chinese government organized “children Ghetto” in Nanjing where she was sent to. She was among us growing up in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a small univ (date back then in 60s/70s/80s) by US standard.

I am applause for her success in US, but shamed for her using tragedy of the culture revolution to paint her success. Many events described in the book are utterly untrue on her personal experience.

Reuters, please do your own research and get the truth.

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She entered US on 1984 Jan, She become US citizen 1992.
She must have green card since 1987. She married 1991(US citizen)。

1987 green card can NOT via marriage. How comes she get green card in such short time only 3 year?

The only way is asylum. In order to get asylum status approved,
She must make false statement to immigration asylum office on 1987!!!!

All her story about abuse, rape, in prison, children workers, expile, deport,
everything are fake. The only reason she make those fake statement to immigration is to get asylum green card!!!

Jean, please contact immigration asylum office to pull out the fake statement she made on 1987.
If the asylum office statement she made is same statement as her book says, as your article says.
This would be serious violate the Federal immigration Law!!!!
This is serious CRIME!!!!
Even it was 1987!!!!

US people can’t tell she is a lier, but any similar age people grow up in China would easy know she is a BIG liar.

If she lie to immigration service to get green card, ok, but know she lie to the whole world!!! We got to stop her. President Obama should know he hire a such liar. Fake statement to immigration is a CRIME.

All her excuse are not established without evidence.
You need to provide the evidence about the newspaper article.

If she tell the truth, she don’t have to remember anything. Otherwise, A liar needs a good memory.

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