Tech Tonic checks in at Foursquare

June 13, 2012

Have you used Foursquare to promote your small business? Anthony De Rosa and Tech Tonic recently visited Foursquare HQ to see how the newest version of the location-based app could change the way users find new restaurants, businesses and things to do.

Tech Tonic checks in at the NY Tech Meetup

June 7, 2012

Reuters’ Rhonda Schaffler checks in at the first New York Tech Meetup since the Facebook IPO to talk financing and startups with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

In Berlin, a startup hub emerges

May 30, 2012

All the elements of a thriving tech/startup scene are coming together in Berlin. The engineers are there. The VCs are there. The local tech blog, aptly named “Silicon Allee,” is there, and now a new office complex, built in the structure of an old brewery and designed to bring entrepreneurs together, will soon be there. But don’t expect to get office space anytime soon as it’s already oversubscribed without even being fully built yet, Reuters reports.

from The Great Debate:

Five steps the SEC can take to make crowdfunding work

May 29, 2012

A few weeks ago, President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law, making equity-based crowdfunding legal for businesses that want to raise capital in smaller amounts than traditional venture capitalists or accredited investors supply. Depending on who you ask, crowdfunding is either going to democratize access to capital and serve as a boon to small businesses across America, or it will be rife with con artists intent on bilking seniors out of their hard-earned savings.

Small Business Week heads to D.C.

May 22, 2012

It’s Small Business Week, and here are a few links to help you know what’s going on.

Small business owners are optimistic

May 21, 2012

Small business owners are optimistic about the future of the economy. That’s the gist of a new Bank of America survey released last week. The first of its kind, the survey included some 1,000 small business owners.

GoCardless tries to disrupt the credit card industry

May 15, 2012

For small business owners, frustration with credit card companies is nothing new.

NPR looks at crowdfunded athletes

May 9, 2012

The big business of sports may have a new challenger. Endorsement deals, giant salaries, big name sponsorships — this is what we’ve come to expect when we watch our favorite teams compete at their huge stadiums broadcast on major television networks. But what about the lesser-known, lesser-viewed sports? And the athletes who don’t have broad appeal and access to these sorts of lucrative deals? How do they support their athletic hopes?

Looking at the new crowdfunders and the JOBS Act

April 30, 2012

The crowdsourcing site Kickstarter just turned three years old, and the New York Times has a nice profile that explores how the company has evolved and how its changed the way entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else with an idea can raise capital online.

Q & A with MycroBurst co-founder Joe Witte

April 27, 2012

Joe Witte is the co-founder and Executive Vice President at MycroBurst, a crowdsourcing site for companies and individuals who want custom logos and designs. Reuters Small Business interviewed Witte about building a tech startup and how Mycroburst balances work with clients and designers.