Small business defense against cybercrime

December 29, 2011

Small businesses can innocently expose themselves to cybercrime when an employee opens an email that appears to be from the CEO, not updating the anti-virus program or having a laptop lost or stolen.

Building a bridge to the life you want

November 22, 2011

The average worker spends about 100,000 hours of his/her life working. In Rich Horwath’s experience most people work at jobs they don’t like. Making a plan though can help one have the “greatest days of their lives” according to Horwath, a business strategist.

A new lifeline for inner city businesses

November 17, 2011

Reuters spoke to Mary Kay Leonard, CEO of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, a Boston-based national non-profit that educates investment-ready inner-city businesses about growth capital. The group last week held its seventh annual Inner City Capital Connections Program to match companies with capital providers in conjunction with Bank of America and Fortune magazine.

How small businesses can hire the right people

November 15, 2011

Doug and Polly White have seen small businesses use all kinds of questionable hiring practices. There was the entrepreneur who hired anyone looking for work. Then there was the woman who hired and fired her sister twice. The list goes on.

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So you want to be a space entrepreneur…

November 15, 2011

What's cooler than being an Internet entrepreneur? Making a living as a space entrepreneur.

Startup BitGym aims to inspire geeks to work out with iPads, iPhones

November 15, 2011

– Alastair Goldfisher is a contributor for PE Hub and acting Editor-in-Charge at Venture Capital Journal, both Thomson Reuters publications. This article originally appeared here. Any views expressed are his own. –

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Confused about media and ad technologies? There’s a Lab for that.

November 14, 2011

Between the bazillion ad technology companies all claiming to revolutionize online advertising and an explosion of devices and services that promise to deliver  movies straight from the Internet to the TV, it's  a full time job keeping tabs on what can do what.

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The Life of Jack: Twitter/Square co-founder details his grueling workweek

November 14, 2011

Managing a fast-growing tech start-up is not a job that everyone is cut out for.

Managing two of today’s hottest start-ups simultaneously? That’s a feat that could overwhelm even some of the corporate world's biggest egos.

Few small businesses plan to hire

November 9, 2011

Many small business owners in the United States are reluctant to hire more employees in the near term as economic uncertainty and sagging sales continue to put pressure on company balance sheets, the latest index on small business optimism from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) shows.

7.5 million reasons not to call your rival the Taliban

November 4, 2011

– Cynthia Hsu is a contributor to FindLaw’s Free Enterprise blog. FindLaw is a Thomson Reuters publication. This article originally appeared here. –