bed bug magic

Fred Feldman likes to show how safe his bed bug treatment, Bed Bug Magic, is by spraying it on his hand and then licking it off.

“Most people go ‘eww,’ but I do it 90 percent of the time,” said Feldman, who sells the bug treatment as part of a line of environmentally-friendly cleaning products offered by his company Green Blaster. “(It shows that) it’s non-toxic, you can drink it and not have to have your stomach pumped.”

Feldman realized during the development of his other cleaning products that bed bugs are an epidemic and a solution was needed that was safe for kids (he has five grandchildren) and pets.

Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem found everywhere from retail stores to condos. The bugs are often brought in through furniture and clothing and like to hang out in places such as mattresses and couches. Pesticides are commonly recommended as part of treatment in getting rid of the bugs.

But accordingly to Tom Morley, a consultant to Green Blaster, the problem with pesticides is they contain neurotoxins.