If you can get hot-cooked kosher food from a vending machine, why not a pillow? With no end to the creative ways people are using vending machines these days, a custom-made pillow is actually not such a strange concept.

And The Dream Machine does not operate the same way as the vending machines that dispense candy or pop. It’s really a mobile manned kiosk that lets consumers select the shape, density and embroidered message they want in and on their pillow. It takes about 10-15 minutes to make and costs anywhere from $130-150.

“It’s a bit of retail theater,” said Dave Young, the CEO of bedding-materials supplier VyMaC Corp that bought the master licensing rights from the machine’s creator Merrimac Dillon, the owner of The Pillow Bar retail chain. Young’s company rebranded the technology as The Dream Machine. “It’s a lot like the popcorn machine. It takes about the same footprint as those little red machines.”

The consumer is able to select their own pillow based on sleeping preference: side, back or stomach sleeper. Then they can sit back and watch as the machine fills it with its patented duck down. Customers are able to squeeze the product as it’s being stuffed, which Young said makes it more fun and interactive.

The machines are fitted with an embroidery needle that lets people personalize their pillow case with their name, initials, a word or message such as: “I love you.”