- Seth Kravitz is the co-founder and CEO of Columbus, Ohio-based InsuranceAgents.com, which has been named one of Inc.com’s 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. The views expressed are his own. -

Maybe you saw it coming, maybe it blindsided you, but whatever the cause you may run into a huge challenge millions of business owners have faced: you’re out of money.

A couple times over the course of the last six years my company has hit some pretty significant money problems. Each time we made it through, but it was a struggle.

First off and most importantly, are you out of money because your business model is flawed and/or your management is terrible? Or are you out of money because of an unforeseen problem or something outside your control?

Think about that long and hard before you decide to keep going. Sometimes shutting down is the smarter choice.