– Connie Loizos is a contributor for PE Hub, a Thomson Reuters publication. This article originally appeared here. The views expressed are her own. –

There it was on Craigslist – an ad for “young, successful professionals living in America’s most emerging area, Silicon Valley,” ostensibly posted by a “major cable network” that’s looking to cast a Silicon Valley reality show.

No wonder. While many Americans are suffering through an abysmal economy, Internet startups seem impervious to bad news of any kind. Valuations have been rising for several years straight; companies like Zynga, Facebook, and Twitter are minting millionaires left and right; and many young outfits can’t hire skilled, highly paid software engineers or salespeople fast enough.

To get the picture, one only need look to the invitation-only, tequila-fueled industry party that entrepreneur-investor Sean Parker hosted two weeks ago. Split-roasted pigs, Dungeness crabs, and sashimi bars were a mere warm-up to nationally known musical acts like The Killers.

Silicon Valley has much to celebrate. It has the most highly educated workforce in the nation and boasts the highest economic productivity – almost twice the U.S. average, according to the Bay Area Council Economic Institute (BACEI). It also deserves kudos for creating the social media tools that have been empowering revolutions around the world.