Bringing order to the chaos of student life

As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Jay Rodrigues had a tough time balancing his academic studies, work in student government and his fraternity commitments.

“There was no way of communication,” said Rodrigues about organizing his life on campus, adding he would also miss a lot of live music events, because he would hear about them after the fact. “It was so disorganized.”

His college conundrum led Rodrigues to create DormNoise, a Web-based calendar tool that helps students organize more efficiently.

“We are truly the only interactive student calendar system out there,” said the 21-year-old. “We bring order to the chaos.”

DormNoise works by letting students view the campus calendar, student group calendars and their own personal calendar. Faculty and administrators can also participate. Users can organize and sync them all together under one Web program or on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones. DormNoise can also be used within Facebook.

Do entrepreneurs need education?

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook from his Harvard dormitory, but after the social networking website exploded in popularity, he promptly quit school and became a full-time entrepreneur.

An informal roll call of Fortune 500 CEOs that dropped out of high school or university and went on to become self-made billionaires, includes the following: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page (Google), Michael Dell (Dell), David Geffen (Geffen Records), Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin), Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), Jerry Yang (Yahoo) and the aforementioned Zuckerberg.

Most on this list received a modicum of post-secondary education, before bailing and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.