The idea for a children’s aromatherapy-scented book about a rescue dog came to Margaret Hyde in a dream.

“I woke up with the idea for it in the middle of the night, four years ago,” said Hyde, author of the Mo’s Nose book series. “I got up, wrote the idea and wrote the first version of the first story. I even saw it illustrated in Japanese ink brush in my dream.”

The dog in Hyde’s dream belonged to her best friend Amanda Giacomini, whom she asked to illustrate the first book, “Mo Smells Red”. Giacomini didn’t know how to use Japanese ink brush, but learned the skill for the books.

Most of the six books focus on the special dog using his nose to see a color. In the latest installment, “Mo Smells Pink”, Mo smells things such as pink grapefruit bubble bath and pink peppermint ice cream.

Hyde, 37,  grew up loving scratch-and-sniff stickers and scented markers, so she always wanted the Mo’s Nose books to be scented. She also wanted to use scents that were safe and hypoallergenic for kids, so she decided on aromatherapy essential oils.