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The elevator pitch is one of the most important elements in starting your business successfully. Picture this: you are searching for funding for your new business, taking an elevator from a big meeting when in walks Donald Trump. What do you do? Do you freeze up when he asks you what you are doing here or do you nail him with a perfect pitch, snag his business card and score a meeting?

Here is a guide to the several core elements of the elevator pitch. This is not your “commercial” and is not a sales pitch. That can be crafted from this, but this serves as a professional pitch with the purpose of raising investment for your business. This is a pitch for your company, not what you are selling. Tell them why your business will be successful.

This pitch needs to be short and to the point, because by the time the elevator stops, you’ll need to have completed your pitch!

Step 1: The Hook

First you’ll need to grab your audience’s attention. Why should they care? If they are an investor they’ve heard dozens of pitches this week. How will yours stand out from the crowd and get a call back? You’ll need to appeal your audience by speaking directly to their problem. Try asking them a question or strike them with humor to get them thinking or warrant a response.