from Environment Forum:

Steve Jurvetson on clean tech innovation that will change the world

October 4, 2011

(This article by Felicity Carus first appeared on Clean Energy Connection and has been edited for length. Any opinions expressed are her own.)

Putting a new spin on BYOB

July 27, 2011

Kirsten Quigley, left, and Cristina Bourelly of Lunchskins

Startup 3greenmoms wants you to BYOB, and they’re not talking about booze.

In a move that taps demand for sustainable products, the Potomac, Maryland-based company markets a variety of reusable storage bags that replace the ubiquitous plastic baggies consumers use and throw out in staggering proportions.

from PopTech:

Edit your life and win a green contest

October 26, 2010

Graham Hill's latest design initiative, Life Edited, is a contest to renovate a 420 square-foot apartment in New York City in a way that will radically reduce your carbon footprint. With $70,000 in cash, prizes and a design contract, why not enter it?