Nic Sulsky hopes this weekend’s anticipated record Super Bowl television audience helps boost traffic to his online sports gaming startup.

InGamer Sports, the Toronto, Canada-based company he co-founded in 2008, lets users choose a team of players from live games and awards points based on how they actually perform on the field.

Sulsky said it fuses the three dominant screens in our lives: television, computer and mobile.

“So we want to own the phone and we want to own the computer during the Super Bowl,” he said, adding InGamer has licensing deals with two prominent Canadian broadcasters and is looking to expand into the much larger U.S. market. “We have the only game that people can play during the Super Bowl in realtime live against everyone.”

During the Super Bowl users, who have signed up online, can select up to six players – from both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers – and track them throughout the game. If a player is not doing well, the user can trade them for another player at the end of the quarter, so their choices aren’t locked like a traditional fantasy sports contest.