7 tips for landing an SBA loan

December 3, 2010

— Rachel Zippwald is the vice president of California Bank & Trust, a major SBA lender. The views expressed are her own. —

10 tips for securing angel or venture funding

December 1, 2010

— Chris Lynch is vice president of economic development at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce. The views expressed are his own. —

Don’t celebrate until the cash is in the bank

November 30, 2010

— Mark Suster is a partner at Los Angeles-based venture capital firm GRP Partners. This article originally appeared on his blog “Both Sides of the Table”. —

TechStars’ founder predicts accelerator implosion

November 18, 2010

Less than two months from launching its New York program, TechStars co-founder David Cohen is already anticipating a critical mass being achieved in the startup-mentoring space within the next five years.

Invest in lines, not dots

November 18, 2010

— Mark Suster is a former serial entrepreneur and a partner at Los Angeles-based venture capital firm GRP Partners. This article originally appeared on his blog “Both Sides of the Table”. The views expressed are his own. —

Michigan launches “world’s largest” startup competition

September 2, 2010

The proliferation of startup incubator or accelerator programs has made it tough for most to stand out among the crowd. So the way the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition chose to do it, is by offering what it claims is the “world’s largest” cash award – $500,000 – to the winning business pitch.

RatePoint taking aim at Yelp?

August 31, 2010

Customer reviews can be crucial to a small business, especially in a climate where consumers are trying to make smarter decisions about their purchases. It’s no surprise then that review sites such as Yelp, Local and Mahalo have flourished over the last few years.

Index, Accel bet big on Squarespace

July 14, 2010

– Lawrence Aragon is the Editor-in-Chief of the Venture Capital Journal and Private Equity Week, both Thomson Reuters publications. This story originally appeared on PE Hub.com. –

VCs, meet the new sheriff

June 11, 2010

Relatives of victims of the June 5 fire at a day-care centre wear angel wings during a protest against federal and local authorities in Hermosillo, in the Mexican state of Sonora. REUTERS/Alonso CastilloMove over venture capitalists, there’s a new sheriff in town: the angel investor.

Michigan VC’s Top Ten list

May 13, 2010

Mina Sooch is one venture capitalist who knows how to captivate a crowd.

The chairman of the Michigan Venture Capital Association took a page out of David Letterman’s playbook by introducing her own Top Ten list at the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, an annual event hosted by the University of Michigan in the small college town of Ypsilanti, about 20 miles west of Detroit.