Apple CEO Steve Jobs discusses the new iPhone 4 during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California June 7, 2010. REUTERS/Robert GalraithRather than throwing out their old iPhone or recycling it, people wanting to upgrade to Apple’s latest iPhone 4 have another option in Gazelle.

“It’s almost early Christmas at Gazelle with the introduction of a new generation of iPhone,” said Israel Ganot, CEO and founder of the Brookline, Massachusetts-based company.

Gazelle, launched in 2008, buys electronics ranging from camcorders to LCD monitors. Ganot started the company after he tried to recycle some old cell phones, but was told by a store he would have to pay for doing so. He got the idea for Gazelle (its motto is “don’t just sell it, Gazelle it”) after realizing his phones still have value in them.

The company bills itself as an easy, fast and environmentally responsible way for people to sell or recycle their phones. Sellers search for their model on the website, answer four questions about the item’s condition and then get a price for it. Gazelle provides the packaging and free shipping for the item.

iPhones are a popular item to sell these days. Gazelle saw a surge in “trades” of the phones on the same day Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the newest model.