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Steve Jurvetson on clean tech innovation that will change the world

October 4, 2011

(This article by Felicity Carus first appeared on Clean Energy Connection and has been edited for length. Any opinions expressed are her own.)

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Detroit vs. Silicon Valley as green auto hub

October 29, 2010

Composite image shows an aerial view of downtown Detroit (left) October 16, 2006 REUTERS/Molly Riley, and a view of a rainbow over San Jose City, California, Feb. 5, 2009 REUTERS/Juan Carlos Ulate

There's a debate touring its way around the blogosphere these days: should the new green auto industry be based in Motor City Detroit or shiny, happy Silicon Valley?

Rate this innovation: The treadmill bike

April 29, 2010

bike1Love to run outside, but hate getting your feet dirty? Well you’re in luck. Entrepreneur Brent Curry has bolted a treadmill onto a bike frame and created a “treadmill bike”.

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Is Bloom Energy the next GE?

February 23, 2010


Updated on Feb 24.

The blogosphere is rumbling with anticipation of theĀ  "Bloom Box", a pint-sized "power plant" that could change the way we power our homes and offices forever.