John Spence is the author of “Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas into Action”. He is an award-wining professional speaker and corporate trainer. The views expressed are his own. –

I have some very strong beliefs about what I feel it takes to run a highly successful business. For example, I am completely convinced that whoever “owns the voice of the customer” and uses that information to build an organizational culture of “Extreme Customer Focus” will own the marketplace.

Unfortunately far too few businesses really understand their customers at a deep level, which severely inhibits their ability to deliver consistently superior service and win an unfair advantage in customer loyalty. And who doesn’t want an unfair advantage?

But rather than give you a bunch of theory and vague ideas, let me bring my point home with several real-life examples. As you read through the following list I want you to ask yourself three important questions: What can I do with this? How can I make this work for my business? What can I do right away?

11 examples of “Extreme Customer Focus”