This package kicks off a series centered around social entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. With less of everything –- jobs, money –- we are confronted with what to prioritize and, therefore, are forced to think about how we want to spend our time. Is it with family? Is it changing careers? Is it contributing to a greater good?

This series capture what social leaders and innovators are doing now in order to improve the quality of life –– not just their own, but other people’s as well. It also provides expert advice on these matters.

We have three pieces for each topic and a video to go along with one of them: the difference between GenX and GenY entrepreneurs, how to launch a socially conscious second career that has personal meaning and impact, and how to start a successful non-profit that is complimented by a video of a Summer Search grad, Jabali Sawicki, who is now a leader in his own field.

The idea behind and time peg for this project is how to make the most of a recession. When times are tough, economically, many people attempt to start their own business and/or start a second career. They tend to rethink their life’s goals and values.

What keeps us up at night has changed. We don’t just worry about who can bring home the bacon, but moral dilemmas as well.  What affect am I having on people around me? Are people responding to what I am doing? What drives this generation of entrepreneurs? What do older people do when they don’t feel like retiring? How do you start your own organization? How can I start a second career?