– George A. Cloutier is the founder and CEO of American Management Services and the author of the bestselling book, “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing”. The views expressed are his own. –

Last week’s midterm elections have provided an emotional boost for many small businesses, according to a survey conducted by American Management Services.

About 73 percent of small business owners said they felt more optimistic about the future of their company due to the Republican gains, in a survey of more than 300 small business owners in 25 states following the Congressional elections. The participating companies all employ at least 25 employees and are considered the job-drivers most likely to hire new workers.

Still despite their optimism, just 5 percent said they were considering hiring more workers based on the election results and 64 percent were not planning on adding additional workers at this time – debunking some claims that small business would step up hiring quickly with a new and clear political direction.

Twenty-six percent did indicate they might hire, but are waiting to see if business actually improves.