The Musk name is famous among techies thanks to high-profile companies like PayPal and Tesla Motors, the electric car maker, which were founded or funded by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Now another Musk-backed start-up is looking to make a splash. Only this time it’s younger brother Kimball at the helm, as CEO for OneRiot.

OneRiot is launching a real time search engine on Tuesday that combs through the flood of messages and Web links that are shared through services Twitter and Digg, as well as in OneRiot’s existing browser toolbar product, to determine the hottest topics on the Internet.

Real Time search, of course, is all the rage right now, thanks in large part to the success of microblogging service Twitter, which allows users to search the “Tweets” generated on its service and to zoom into what people are saying about a particular topic that very moment.

Musk says that Twitter searches the conversations people are having, while OneRiot cuts through the “noise” and focuses on the content at the center of those conversations.