The average worker spends about 100,000 hours of his/her life working. In Rich Horwath’s experience most people work at jobs they don’t like. Making a plan though can help one have the “greatest days of their lives” according to Horwath, a business strategist.

In his book Strategy for You: Building a bridge to the life you want (to be published in January 2012) Horwath outlines a five-step plan for building a bridge to the life you want. Entrepreneurial spoke with Horwath about how one can create a successful life for themselves.

What does the bridge symbolize in your book?

The bridge symbolizes how you get from where you are today to the goals and objectives that one sets for themselves. In the real world a bridge spans obstacles or barriers. Strategy helps you span or overcome the obstacles you might face.

Step one: Discover

Uncover your process through insight. How is our career? How are our finances, relationships? How is our health? It demands understanding where we are today, where we want to go and then building a bridge to get there.

Step two: Differentiation

As individuals, we have competencies and skills that make us unique. The problem is in life, we often find ourselves converging or becoming more similar. For some reason we don’t want to stand out because we’re afraid we’ll stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. In developing a bridge or a strategy for your life, you really gotta understand what makes you different. What makes you unique that other people would value.