– Mark Boslet is a senior editor for the Venture Capital Journal, a Thomson Reuters publication. This article appeared on PE Hub. –

Last week, Forbes published its Midas List of venture investors with Jim Breyer of Accel Partners edging out Sequoia’s Michael Moritz and Greylock’s Reid Hoffman for the top spot.

This closely followed list of VC moneymen has become something of a Who’s Who of the business. Its focus is the highest-profile GPs with the best track records.

What most readers didn’t notice, however, was a companion list of up and coming VCs published the same day by TrueBridge Capital Partners, a fund of funds that helped Forbes compile the Midas List. It features young VCs, many with a timely focus on the Internet and social media.

According to TrueBridge, the Midas List involved extensive data analysis along with countless discussions with industry experts. The up-and-comers’ list lacks the same rigor and instead relies on conversations with VCs, an examination of investment portfolios and an analysis of the venture business from a macro perspective, the firm said. Nevertheless, it offers insight on who may become Midas investors sometime in the future.