Blind entrepreneurs boost eBay sales

August 25, 2011

EBay is recruiting an unlikely group of new entrepreneurs into its selling ranks – the visually impaired.

Hearty 2011 seen for restaurateurs

June 1, 2011

This year the restaurant industry is poised to put up its best numbers in four years, buoyed by an increase of roughly 2 million jobs since the depths of the recession and improved household income.

GroupPrice targets small business with daily deals

April 13, 2011

Price and value is what led Chris Gafoor to purchase a press release distribution plan from GroupPrice.

3 rules for selling in the new economy

January 10, 2011

– Lisa Nicole Bell is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of lifestyle consultancy firm Inspired Life Media Group. This article originally appeared on Under30CEO. The views expressed are her own. —

Businesses trim costs to combat lagging sales

December 22, 2010

USA-RETAIL/BLACKFRIDAYTina Bean’s wish for 2011 is that people will open their wallets more.

“People don’t want to spend money,” said Bean, the owner of Port Arthur, Texas-based pet food dealer, Five Star Feed Store. “They are buying necessities and that’s it.”

Running a successful sales office

April 30, 2010

– Michael K. McKean is the CEO and director of new product development for the Knowland Group, a leading provider of business development solutions for the global hospitality industry. The views expressed are his own. –

Is it time for do-gooder to cash out?

April 9, 2010

TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie created his Santa Monica, California-based company as a vehicle for giving away shoes to needy children, but should the Texas entrepreneur be looking ahead to selling the company and using the money to pursue other philanthropic goals?