SocialightImagine you leave a restaurant and would like to share your thoughts with anyone nearby, or picture yourself standing in an unknown place while reading notes that have been left there from previous visitors or even your friends.

“Urban spaces are increasingly densely populated,” said Dan Melinger, a resident of New York City. “People live in these spaces but may not even know what their neighbors think of the environment that they share.”

By leveraging existing technologies, offers a platform that allows people to connect and share the content that is important to them, and allows brands to provide content related to the areas they and their customers inhabit.

Socialight was founded by Melinger, a graduate of New York University, in 2005 but didn’t find its legs until social media exploded and mobile technology caught up to his dream of connecting people in dense urban environments with each other.

Today, devices like the iPhone can locate users and turn them into multimedia producers with the push of a button. It has made existing technologies available to the masses, said Melinger, whose company has grown with these developments.