Free financing tool to help startups get legal ball rolling

May 1, 2009

MILKEN/Leave it to a savvy law firm headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley to develop an online tool that actually generates draft financing term sheets for startups using the simplicity of a web-based questionnaire.

Not just a bunch of fresh faces

May 1, 2009

Small businessThe belief that most startups are run by young entrepreneurs pining to build Google-sized companies before the age of 30 seems fairly widespread these days. And while that’s not surprising given the wealth of entrepreneurial talent spawned by younger upstarts in recent times (particularly in the tech arena), it’s also something of a myth.

Learning from Rosetta Stone

April 17, 2009


After its blockbuster debut on the New York Stock Exchange, language software maker Rosetta Stone is poised to teach more than just new languages — it may also serve as a model for start-ups looking to go public in the midst of a recession.