– Mitch Merrifield is senior director of managed computing solutions for Verio, a Web-hosting provider for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. The views expressed are his own. –

Much of my time throughout the year as well as during the holiday season, is focused on the wishes (and needs) of small business customers. Through the countless discussions with small and medium-sized business leaders across the country, some common wishes paint the picture of the business initiatives critical to ensuring their success in 2011 and beyond.

Based on these discussions, the following is a wishlist for SMBs this holiday season:

1. Increased visibility globally

SMBs want more sophisticated, well-designed websites that outline their brands efficiently and appropriately, are easy to navigate and use and help them grow their business globally. Gone are the days of building a website in any shape or form and trusting people to visit it. Smart SMB decision-makers understand the importance of a strong, reliable website as a business-building tool.

2. On-the-go: Improved workflow

Employee accessibility is critical, and employing a mobile means of communication is crucial to maintaining a tight, cohesive team. SMBs are using more messaging and collaboration tools, including hosted e-mail. They are also viewing smartphones and mobile devices as avenues to do more while on the go.