Should Barcelona sell Ronaldinho?

September 26, 2007

Ronaldinho reacts

Last season he was accused of being overweight and out of shape, this season critics say he has lost his appetite for game. Is it just a temporary blip in a glittering career or is it time for Barcelona to offload three times World Player of the Year Ronaldinho?

Feted as the most talented and exciting player in the world when he signed for Barcelona in 2003, Ronaldinho single-handedly restored the morale at the Catalan club and then inspired them to consecutive league titles and a second European Cup.

But the honeymoon period ended as the trophies dried up last season and judging by the chorus of boos and whistles he was subjected to last time he played at home a significant section of Barcelona fans no longer believe Ronaldinho is indispensable.

Lionel Messi has succeeded the Brazilian as the king of the Nou Camp, while the arrival of Thierry Henry and the emergence of two new prodigies, Giovani dos Santos and Bojan Krkic means there is no shortage of successors to the crown.

Former Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff issued a clear warning to Ronaldinho in his weekly column in El Periódico on Monday.

“You don’t survive on what you have been, but on what you are, that’s the law of football and the players know it,” said Cruyff.

Should Barcelona to cash in and sell the 27-year-old to AC Milan, Chelsea or even Liverpool (he’s fantasy signing number one, according to Liverpool Pies)? Or should they stick it out in the hope that he will rediscover the sort of form that once made him the best player in the world?

Simon Baskett

Photo: Ronaldinho reacts during Barcelona’s 0-0 draw against Racing Santander on the opening day of the season. Victor Fraile / Reuters 


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He was supposed to join United a few years ago before Barca hijacked the deal. Anyway, looks like the end of a cycle to me and he’ll probably choose chelsea. footballers pretty much always follow the money.

Posted by redderthanever | Report as abusive

Messi is the king of the Nou Camp? Lets see him carry a team first. Once Henry gets used to Spanish football he’ll be running that team and Messi will rightfully take a backseat.

Posted by oi | Report as abusive

What a great loss if Barcelone commit the error of selling Dinho.I think he is a great player who can do great things at anytime.It is just a matter of discipline.The team should call him to order and not sell him.He makes a perfect match with Eto.

Posted by Fritz MONKAM | Report as abusive

Let’s just wait and see.
Who else has entertained and thrilled like ronnie has. All tehh ungrateful dogs out there- so called journalists who can hardly string asentence together.
Ronnie’s 27. the desire and passion is still there. next month when he is back on top –all this bullshit will be for nothing.
show some respect

Posted by tony trinity | Report as abusive

They need to sell him, ronaldinho is a great player, world class of course, but no team needs a sour apple to ruin the rest of the apples. Thierry Henry can step up to the line and lead the team or Lionel Messi, and with the rest of the talent that is there, ronaldinho is a surplus to the team, he needs barcelona more than what barcelona needs him. Remember, no player is irreplaceable.

Posted by f maruchan | Report as abusive

Barcelona certainly don’t appear to have any intention of selling Ronaldinho. They have just issued a statement saying he is an integral part of their plans for the future. It could just be some wishful thinking on the part of their rivals that they might get him to skip the Nou Camp.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

Ronaldinho will be a class A idiot if he leaves the Nou Camp for Chelsea, Liverpool, anywhere for that matter. This dude is playing midfield on one of the best teams in the world, feeding the ball to ELECTRIC front players in Henry, Messi, and Giovani. Giovani’s young and Henry’s adjusting to the new flow of spanish football, but Messi’s there. That game against Sevilla was acknowledgment that Messi is the striker of now and can carry the team while Henry and Giovani get into the swing of things. Regardless of now, all three have shown the talent that we expect of them. They will be formidable in the near future (read: mid-season), no question.

If Ronaldinho doesn’t acknowledge the awesomeness of his situation in the Nou Camp, he should go follow the money and get stuck playing middling ball with Chelsea, becoming part of an aging team while Arsenal youth finds its proverbial stride playing that beautifully fluid Wenger ball.

Posted by Ace in the States | Report as abusive

It is ridiculouse to berçalona’s fan whistling ronaldinho after everything he has done for them, however, i think he should leave the clud if things continue this way, nevertherless, ronaldinho is a star of his type, i, personally have not seen a footballer of his kind, i don’t know what they want him to do that he has not done for them, from my prospective they are just ungreatful, finally,frank rijkaard, should not be intimidated by the fans, he has to know that the more he subtitude ronaldinho and the more he losses his confidence.

Posted by mohamed | Report as abusive

According to the sources that I have Ronaldinho will not move to england, he would prefer to move to Italy and AC Milan where he would pair up with Ronaldo and Kaká… So the chance for Chelsea to sign him are zero, he is not interested in english football…

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There is no doubt that he is a damn good player but I feel that Ronaldinho is not as ‘talismanic’ to Barca as Gerrard to Liverpool, C.Ronaldo to Man-U, Kaka to AC… you get the drift.

So it would be wise in a business sense for Barca to cash in on him while big rich clubs are still interested.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

I think it’s interesting that Barcelona aren’t pampering Ronaldinho. They’ve refused to let him coast by with sub-standard performances, though it obviously helps that they have guys like Messi, Bojan and dos Santos to choose from.

Posted by daryl | Report as abusive

i think it is a matter of choice for Ronaldinho,if he wish to move to england is a good idear by his club and if he wish to stay in barca i believe the choice is still okay.
but my advise to barca is to keep ronaldinho rather than selling him to english club,for he play a major role in barca’s team.
don’t miss your great chances..barca.

Posted by OLUWAGBAMI | Report as abusive

Dear Barca, i want to take this opportunity to remind you that players are also human beings – meaning all humans are fallable – Dinho is a human being. I thing your assignment now is to find out whats the problem with the world star….he has done something for you…and now its your turn to do something for him. What he has delivered was natural from him now its the coach’s turn to teach him what to do.

Posted by KHALAMULLAH IN SIERRA LEONE | Report as abusive

I’m a big fan, but it is time for him to go. There’ll always be room at Anfield for you, Ron.

Posted by Rafa | Report as abusive

There’s no doubt that Ronaldinho is a phenomenal talent and one of the most naturally gifted players on the planet, but I just wonder if the arrival and emergence of so many other forwards at Barcelona in the past two seasons has cramped his style.

Rijkaard is going to have a lot of problems shoe-horning all his forwards into the team, especially once Samuel Eto’o regains fitness.

Ronaldinho is the sort of player that needs to be on the pitch as much as possible and will never suit a bit-part role.

Posted by Simon Baskett | Report as abusive

no dont sell ronaldinho im tellin u hes got skills nd even if he gained a bit of weight that doesnt matter he still knows how to play nd im tellin u now if u do sell him u are soo goin 2 regret it l8er but plzzz dont sell him!!
or at least give him a channce!! believe me hes got a gift from god a skill that no one else has got so dont just throw him away!

Posted by omar abdel-halim | Report as abusive

no ways, barcelona needs ronaldinho. Messi tries but he’ll never really replace ronaldinho anf if barca cells him, they will be making a big mistake

Posted by charlie | Report as abusive

no ways, barcelona needs ronaldinho. Messi tries but he’ll never really replace ronaldinho anf if barca cells him, they will be making a big mistake

Posted by charlie | Report as abusive


Posted by Shuhel | Report as abusive

its true barcalona shud sell ronaldinho as quik as they can because in 2 years time he will be 20 million pounds abit like henry yes arsenal are playing good without him but they could of sold him for 60 mil 1 year beforebut we sold him for 16.5million

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Now is a good time to sell him off before he creates more unhappiness in the team.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I am a real barcalona fans,to sell up ronadinho must bring more hatress in barcalona,why people mentioned to sell him up?Let me tell you,There it no yet player like ronaldinho in the world,if he live barca i am out from barva also,dont sell him pls,yes it is truth that there is some body like messi,jiniano,bojan but still yet they are stil not have talet like ronaldinho.

Siad by Anosike Aguleri.

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ronaldinho you have to prove your fans that you are the best

Posted by hasanboy | Report as abusive

why barcelona after all that ronaldinho has done for you you want to leave like shit.shame to barcelona fans.he doesnt deserve an atom of what your aredoing to will be a century before a great player such as ronaldihno will be prodouced.anyway we shall see if messi and henry can achieve his epitome of professionalism in soccer.CERTAINLY NOT.

Posted by lansah rashid | Report as abusive


Posted by AUWAL | Report as abusive

Ronaldinho is the best and always will be for me. Barca is also my club and i’d like him to stay on but if he must leave i’ll always be a fan of his. Rijkaard is THE problem at Barca and coaches becomes problems when they fortunately manage strong teams therefore they don’t succeed from their own tactics but off the brilliance of individual players, so that when these players loose form, people like Rijkaard have NO answer to prevent the team from sliding into oblivion. A good manager is a manager who can bring a team from bottom-table ranking to the top and thats my opinion.

Posted by Richie | Report as abusive

barcelona should not have sent ronaldhino to AC Milan because he is a great player like ronaldo or messi. however there was a combination of the 4 greatest world players : Henry, Messi. Et’o and ronaldhino. now he is gone and keita is in his place who is a bad player barcelona will suffer many difficulties in the future. without him barcelona is nothing! after all he has done for this team u just sent him away like that! I WANT HIM BACK AND THE GLORY OF BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Abdul Hadi | Report as abusive