Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world?

January 14, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the best player in the world…but probably the single most gifted player to play in England since the Belfast Boy….What a *so and so* player. I am in awe…”

So wrote the curiously named Pimpy the Magic Elf on the RedCafe message board after Cristiano Ronaldo scored three of Manchester United’s six goals in Saturday’s second half demolition of Newcastle.

So just how good is Ronaldo? On current form, he must surely be the world’s best.

He’s always had the skill, talent, and particularly in the aftermath of that wink, the attitude to excel. Over the past season and a half however, he’s maximised these attributes to become more indispensable than any other player.

The statistics are staggering. His 25 goals in all competitions last season led him to an unprecedented clean sweep of England’s three major individual honours. This term he’s scored 22 in all competitions, with 16 coming in the league. And remember, he’s a winger and it’s still January.

Comparatively, it gets scarier. He’s already scored as many Premier League goals (51) as Steven Gerrard and is fast catching the league’s highest scoring midfielders Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes (95). His team mates took a combined 737 games to reach their totals. Ronaldo has almost averaged a goal every other game in his 112.

But the best since Belfast Boy George Best?

There’s still a bit to go. Question marks remain over a failure to yet light up the latter stages of the Champions League as Kaka did last season or indeed Best 39 years earlier. Despite performing well in major tournaments for Portugal, he was found wanting in both their Euro 2004 final and World Cup 2006 semi-final exits.

But you just get the feeling all that could change in the coming months. With United on course to crack the Champions League again and Euro 2008 on the horizon, he is on the verge of reaching the kind of heights last scaled by Zinedine Zidane 10 years ago.

First he must celebrate a birthday in February. His 23rd. That is perhaps the most frightening statistic of all.

Click here to read an envy-filled tribute to Ronaldo by Mitch Phillips, but please leave your comments about the Manchester United maestro below.

Padraic Halpin, London

PHOTO: Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring his third goal in Manchester United’s 6-0 win over Newcastle United in the Premier League, Jan 12 REUTERS/Phil Noble


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Of course he is wonderful but lets not get carried away (as Italian football has about Pato on Sunday night – see earlier blog).
Ronaldo’s freekick on Saturday skittled along the floor and Given should have saved it. One of his other goals only went in via a deflection and Newcastle’s defending generally was abject.
I would say he is the best at the moment but only because Ronaldinho, Henry and to an extent Kaka have been off their games this season.
Cristiano still has a long way to go before he can gain the gravitas of a Best or Zidane, even accepting the drinking and headbutts.

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[…] Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world? (Reuters Soccer Blog) […]

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Best player in the world may be pushing it a bit, but he’s probably the most useful/best value/however you want to put it player in England. Man U took a big gamble when they signed him for so much money and it’s paid off handsomely. Guess he’ll be number one on the Real Madrid list of targets for next season.

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Quite simply, yes. He is the best player in the world at this point in time. Whether he wins the Champions League and Euro/World Cup or not is not entirely up to him. In fact, it depends a lot more on whether his United and Portugal team-mates can play at his level.

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Most definetly the best player of the modern era. To be regarded the best player ever, Ronaldo has to cut out the constant diving. Lets hope he stays at manchester for the next few years so we can all see first hand how he is going to develop.

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It pains me to agree that he’s the best player in the EPL now.

But to be the listed amongst the greats, he needs to achieve a win in either the Champion’s league, the World Cup or at least the Euro. He’s still young, plenty of time to join a team with better european pedigree 😉

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No he’s not the best player. fabregas is.

(I’m an Arsenal supporter)

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More of a Circus performer, entertaining tricks but lack vision, modesty and likeability. Nowhere to be seen when the game is important or big dives when going gets tough. I suspect he may just fade anyway.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the most exciting player I’ve seen for a long time. Obviously he is within an exceptionally good team and surrounded by other very good players; this helps.
I’d upset too many people if I said he was better than George but I think he is outstanding. Certainly he is a better goal scorer than Best & his all round game is better than Greaves (who used to put them away from all angles). I wouldn’t have him up with Pele but as far as the best around right now, he’d take some beating for sure. Not my favourite for personality & character but yep I’ll have to agree with Padraic Halpin’s comments.

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NO he is not, the likes of messi and kaka are way superior!

Ronaldo always plays good football in small games. But he always fails in BIG GAMES.

What happened to him against AC MILAN??? Was he even playing..? To be the best in the world you must deliver against top teams. Not teams like Newcastle, Fulham and the boltons of this world.

There is only 1 true legend who goes by the name of Ronaldo. Brazilian one!

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He is an extremely good player; personally though I feel he is overhyped as he is one of the few players in England who can produce the kind of things rarely seen in the Premiership. I’d personally have Kaka, Ibrahimovic and Messi on my team instead of Ronaldo!! Hearing things like best player in this era/ever only shows extreme ignorance of Global football!

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The debate for the world’s best could go on forever – and long may it do so – but I think in terms of the ammount of games thet’ve won and points they’ve accumulated for their teams, Kaka and Ronaldo are currently unrivalled

As I said in the blog, he’s still got to do it in the big games yet he does have time on his side. Kaka was in his first season with Milan at 22. But a circus performer, Terriers? Seems a little unfair given the goals to games ratio.

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No one is saying he should be listed with the greats of the game (yet)

Don’t get your terms muddled, gifted means his talent and nothing more. LeTisser…. a very gifted player, probably the equal of Hoddle and Gazza, but he lacked the drive to become anything more than what he was.

So, is Ronaldo the most gifted player since Best, it’s obvious to me, although I admit I am biased being a United fan, that he is.

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facts straight cristiano is the best in the world i wish everyone would stop tricking their eyes and jus look how good he its i thing he is the better than zidane henry kaka messi ronaldinho zlatan he is the best footballer and will go down in the history as the best footballer that ever lived

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Amazing player, but he can’t be classed as the best becuase he cheats-simple as that. To be the best he must play with honour, his freekick at the weekend – genius, they thought he’d kick it over them, so he went under them! But….look at the replay, there was no contact made at all, not even a whisker, yet he went diving to the floor. Disgusting.

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I think personally; he is a great player, man td wouldn’t b able to survive without him. I jst think that he is a winger who has scored 22 golas this season, so therefore, i do see as the best player in the world because of his position. Also isnt he the leading scorer in the champions league???

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‘Well i just don’t know what to say about Ronaldo he has everything, at the moment he is the worlds best player i reckon and so should others fairly, he is unbelieveable even though i’m a Arsenal Fan and i do have to admit Anderson is much better player that Fabregas he (Anderson) remind of Ronaldiniho everytime he has the ball, he haardly gives it away to his opponent. But hey Ronaldo is simply the best at the moment, not everyone finds their form every season so quickly.

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aah don’t talk shitt,Roony is the best player in the world homie 😀 tha’s reality,and if you want to dream crown kaka messi or anotha player as the best

Ronaldo 7 nr.1 (H)

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Man,you people need to open your eyes are you freakin kidding me,messi,kaka,and blah blah blah ,people this kid is amazing forget about his eyebrows forget the winker forget the dives this kid is by far the best player in the world !!!!

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Ronaldo is simply the best player at this given time. His stats speak for themselves, he’s the top goal scorer in the EPL and the top goal scorer in the champions league despite missing 3 games to a red card in the EPL and missing the final group game in the CL because ManU had already clinched 1st place.

This talk about CR not performing in big games is based on ManU’s exit last year from the champions league to Milan. But has everyone forgotten how ManU came back from being down 4-1 in goal differential to knock out Roma in the champions league last year?? I’d say that was a big game and Ronaldo was the star of the game.

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Ronaldo has to prove his mettle at the European stage too. To play an instrumental role and score the vital goals which bring the trophies to Manchester United, only then will his status as the world’s best be confirmed.

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Kaka,Messi,Zlatan,Ronaldhino,Tevez and the Italian players.There are plenty wonderful players.The Eastern Europe players are underrated and expect to see more Eastern Europe success in the future.How many Eastern European WON THEIR eURO QUALIFYING DIVISIONS?

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today, maybe yes
tomorrow, maybe no
It’s too fluctuate for a football player name as ‘the best’

you can see it in , e.g: ronaldo, zidane

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simply yes!!no one in the level of him

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Before the term “best” is thrown around anymore, there’s a lot more that goes into it other than stats. On paper and in a fantasy league, sure, he’s great. Based on what he’s done for Man U, he’s pretty gosh darn good. He probably needs to do more with Portugal though before he’s seriously seen as the best. all stats aside, and i’ll give him credit for getting a little better, this kid is far from mature and far from appreciating the beauty of this game. So is he the best footballer in the world now? no. does he have the potential to be? yes. but by that point, Messi will be the best footballer in the world

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yes he is an amazing player and deserves all the praise he gets! i hope that he will keep netting the goals for man utd and we will be top of the table come may!

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at this present moment ronaldo is to me the most electrifying footballer out there, for me he represents the modern day football player, he is athletic, fast, very skillfull, trickery and has the ability to change a game, his physicallity makes it hard for defenders to mark the lad, you have to realise he is playing in the epl, which is as physical as it gets, i do agree that he is not the finished product, but has the potential to rule the world, pato is another player of this nature, he seems to have the same potential as mentioned above for c.ronaldo, look out for more youngers with this type ability, messi is good, question though could he survive in the epl?

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Ronaldo has played 28 games against the other “big four” teams in england (chelsea, pool and arsenal) and has only scored 3 goals in those games. all against arsenal. u cannot be concidered the best player in the world or anywhere near that title if u do not perform against other top teams. He may seem great agaisnt wigan and fulham and clubs like that but top teams know how to neutralise him. for me messi is the best player at the moment (or was until he was injured) and after him its kaka and fabregas

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If “best player in the world” is restricted to the EPL alone (like the World Series in the USA), then Ronaldo is the “best in the world.”

If best in the world means the best in the whole world and not just the EPL, then Messi, Kaka, Ibrahimovich, Iniesta, Casillas, even Fabregas are better…

The world does not end with the EPL.

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he’s a genius ,and has improved since he came man utd,the team-work spirit dwelled on him and he has never dribbled simply for amusing the audience,or tricking the defender!
his fast-moving pace,stable and consistent efficiency,strong body enable him toss the goal and he hilariously enjoyed it!

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Vincent- Fabregas plays in the Premier league…so your point is invalid.

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i support man-u nd i think that he is the best player ever nd he will alway will be by tanya

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ever seen he had come in to man-u we have been playing very gd nd that how ever that supports man-u his da best

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Mark – in relation to your point. It looks like a good stat (3 goals in 28) but he’s no done worse against the ‘big four’ than other goalscoring midfielders.

Since Ronaldo’s arrival in the Premier League, Gerrard’s scored against his nerest rivals three times in the league and Lampard just twice. And I wouldn’t say Ronaldo’s really underperformed in big Premier League games, would you?

As for people saying Ibrahimovic is better? With his stinking attititude and inconsistencies – pull the other one!

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ibrahimovic is way to inconsistant all tho i am a big fan of his when he is in the mood. i honestly just dont think i can ever remember ronaldo getting the better of ashley cole or clichy. He doesnt play well against big teams, milan last year for example. yes he is a quality player but compared with ppl like zidane and (fat)ronaldo and ronaldinho when they were playing at their best i dont think he even comes close.

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courtney duval says:
January 15th, 2008 at 5:18 pm GMT
facts straight cristiano is the best in the world i wish everyone would stop tricking their eyes and jus look how good he its i thing he is the better than zidane henry kaka messi ronaldinho zlatan he is the best footballer and will go down in the history as the best footballer that ever lived


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No, Messi is more gifted and Kaka is more influential. Ronaldo’s great against your average teams, eg Newcastle last week, but to be considered the best in the World you need to do it when it matters the most.

Comparisons to Pele, Maradona, Zidane and Best are complete laughable

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If you guys keep telling that kaka and others are better than c ronaldo, so how do you explain the fact that all the big european teams are after him, instead of the “good ones”??
Maybe they understand nothing of the business!?

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It’s such an anglocentric view to say he’s the best in the world. Here are five who are just as good or better: Messi, Kaka, Eto’o, Robinho, Casillas, Henry. Maybe not that last one.

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And to say he’s up there with Maradona and the like is just absurd, obviously.

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Not sure how CR didnt win FIFA player of the year – let alone him finishing 3rd behind Messi! Baffles me!

Kaka – is good – but only played good during the Champions League, not during the Liga season.

And another Question begs to ask – this is the BEST ManU team since….?

I dont think the year of the treble was this good!

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now KAKA is the NO 1 player in the word.ronaldo is a good player but KAKA playing very well.Ronaldo must be prove his own skill . Otherwise the real hero’s place give to kaka

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This reminds me of previous claims that Lampard, Ashley Cole, Rooney, and John Terry were the best in the world until Ronaldinho and co came around to show them what it meant to be the best in the world.
The English are just too self-centered: they think whatever is best in the EPL is best in the world…

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Amazing individual, awful team player. Fabregas is not the same player; to compare him to Ronaldo is fantasy. Fabregas plays as a cog within Arsenal, creating a collective visual splendour as a whole.

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There might as well be a new team.. FC Ronaldo or something… He’s quite repulsive in my opinion. Does not deserve the glory. The reason why everyone is after him is because he is marketable.. the reincarnation of Beckham-mania..

Nobody has mentioned Torres.. my vote goes to him… simply exceptional.

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Greatest in the world..

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Well, Ronaldo is a good player. But certainly, not up to the mark of soccer greats in anyway. He still needs to prove a lot in international matches and european competitions. He has been only performing well in EPL. However, his performance in the national team and european stage is not a match for the likes of Ronnie (Ronaldo in AC Milan),Zidane, kaka, ronaldhinio in any means. Its just over exergerrated.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed the best in the world right now. Is not a striker, is a winger and we scores with is right foot, left, head, free kicks, etc, and remenber he is only 22. PORTUGAL IS THE BEST

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Thanks for all the comments on this one. Whether he’s the best or not he certainly attracts a lot of strong opinions.
WSAS, the point you raised in comment number 43 is one we just couldn’t resist. Padraic has written another piece looking at the potential this United side has, and we’ll be posting it up in an hour or so on te front page:
Kevin Fylan
Reuters Soccer Blog

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[…] During a lively debate last week on whether Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, one of our contributors, WSAS, raised the sort of question that’s hard to resist: “This is the BEST ManU team since….?”   […]

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Now this is a post I (reluctantly) have to agree with. The most desirable player on the planet right now.

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he goes missing in big games and has done nothing on the international stage. beckham was once getting these tributes and hes a posterboy not a footballer. he did nothing in facup final, champions league, games against arsenal and liverpool add to that he is arrogant. just look at his picture. aside from being mediocre he is not a good sportsman. do not ever compare him to ZIDANE, PLATINI, LUIS RONALDO, MARADONA, PELE, BAGGIO, MALDINI, CRUYFF & BECKENBAUER who are true greats.
by the way george best only played 7-8 years at manu and had a terrible lifestyle of the pitch and in between best and ronaldo was henry who was better than both and more gifted.
george best and ronaldo should not be praised as they are bad role models for kids.

PS: ronaldo is a one trick pony and no prizes for guessing the trick (~stepover~). he was boxed by maldini in 4 games against milan, oddo boxed him, abidal of france and on some occasions a cole did to.

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CRonaldo is the best right now….in some years from now people are going to look back and say woow, he was the best from that time. right now…people are in denial..they dont whant to believe his the best. people are waiting for rooney to be the best… but i got to say what my eyes see and rooney has a long way to go to get to ronaldo level. and theres no question let Best be the best from his time, like Maradona and Pele in theyr time. this is now 2008 and ronaldo is the best.

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Everyone has their own but if you leave rivalry aside and tad jealousy out, Ronaldo is the best in the world for last year and half.

Wonder what he will get for this year’s statistics? May be 3in European player awards? and 10th in Fifa? YOu never know. Ridiculous he doesn’t get appreciated by the trophy outside England.

Posted by Ena | Report as abusive

Hi Ena. I think it all depends on how he does at Euro 2008. If he carries his current form into the tournament, and sees Portugal through to the final, say, I think there’s an excellent chance he’ll scoop the two big awards at the end of the year. He doesn’t look to have a lot of competition at the moment.

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ronaldo is simply dazzling me at the moment – i thought i would never see a player to rival henry in the EPL but this is the one – if he stays at ManU for another 5 years he will become the biggest legend in our leagues history and will definately settle the comparisons with BEst debate. lets face it, it was so much easier to beat players back in 60s and 70s – there was so much space – ronaldo has everything – no weakness whatsoever and great courage (bigger than henry on this score) – PROBLEM IS HE’LL BE IN SPAIN NEXT YEAR – THE CAMP NOU AND BERNABEAU ARE BIGGER THEATRES THAN OLD TRAFFORD – i lived in spain for 10 years and us insular brits tend to get carried away by our own importance – the streets dont get deserted when arsenal play manu and this happens all around spain when barca play madrid – football is simply bigger and more important over there
-ive only got one reservation about ronaldo – english defences are renowned as being the least organised and most naive – how would ronny fair playing italian defences week in week out?

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[…] the 22-year-old is arguably the best player on the planet, wowing Old Trafford with another stunning brace against Portsmouth on Wednesday to give him 19 […]

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Heck no he isn’t. What is your problems? He happened to get a few good amounts of red and yellows already. He cheats. He is good at scoring but has a total of two assist as a winger. With fowards like Rooney and Tevez, he would be much better to give up his scoring oppurtunities and make the best out of them with good vision.

He also happens to suck when it comes to going agianst good defenders. More than have of his goals are agains the bottom five teams, like Derby.

Cesc Fabregas has a much worse supporting cast team, Arsenal, and yet they are in first place. Reason? He makes the most of everyone. He isn’t the whole team, but he is the pinnacle, the top, the ruling one that puts everyone to their 100%

Ibrahamovic is going insane as well. In Series A, they are going undefeated with 17 wins. It isn’t him himself, but he definantly sets the plays and makes the unbelievable happen. He also shoots like a monster.

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Cristiano is by far the best player in the world come on who gets booed most games at the beginning of a season and delivers 23 goals in a season in response … and not only scores 23 in one season for his club but keeps his outstanding form and also takes it to a further level.. Not only 32 goals this season and counting saves the team vital points to improve their standings on their run for the title and Champions league.Not to mention levels Best’s 40 year record of 32 goals for a winger for united but goes a step further to currently have 33 goals when the season is not even over ….. Sure other players like Torres and Fabregas are playing fantastic football but Ronaldo is at a diffrent level than any lad today…… Not only does he score but produces chances for the team and is a fascinating player to watch he takes football to a diffrent level … So if you say he is not the best I do not know what else you can get from a player……

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I think christiano ronaldo is not the best player in the world.I think he is right behind kaka so that makes him second but kaka has lost his confidence so ronaldo might sneak in front of him this year.But i hope kaka will still be the best this year

Posted by munashe | Report as abusive

ronaldo is far more better than messi and kaka.ronaldo has scored many goals in these two season than these world cup kaka and messi were eliminated at an early stage and people still say that they are better than ronaldo.ronaldo is on top of the premiership and still in the champions league than kaka nor messi.

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people should believe that ronaldo is better than kaka and messi. kaka is out of the champions league and messi is still in the champions league neither of these two is in the champions league at the same time on top of the table than ronaldo only.

Posted by muyu | Report as abusive

ronaldo is the best when you compare the three kaka ,messi,and ronaldo.playing in champions league at the same time on top of the table.

Posted by muyu | Report as abusive

no one is better than ronaldo..

Posted by muyu | Report as abusive

so far so good that if you compair kaka and messi to ronaldo i think its a mess in otherwards there no other people to be compaired with ronaldo apart from these two.

Posted by muyu | Report as abusive

Cristiano Ronaldo scores 30+ goals; rotating from wing to striker, and now he is in the same league as Maradona and Pele. What utter rubbish!

I can’t remember him performing against a major opposition; and please don’t tell me Cristiano Ronaldo is a genius, he’s a goal poacher at best.

You people should take something into account before you agree with the english media. That is Cristiano Ronaldo’s stats this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo 07/08
39 games
37 goals
7 assists
227 shots taken
117 shots on target

Now let’s compare his stats to another midfielder, but who is 3 years younger.

Messi 07/08
27 games
15 goals
14 assists
75 shots taken
38 shots on target

Comparing both stats you can see the real truth. Cristiano Ronaldo is definately an upgraded Frank Lampard, and I would take Messi, Kaka, Henry, and the real best player when on form Ronaldinho any day. The only fools who wont accept the truth are the ones who are blind, and those who support Man U.

Pele and Maradona are the greatest along with players like Maldini, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Zico, the real Ronaldo, and Zidane. There are reasons for this. They have done it all.

Ok! you can’t compare the football back in those days to todays. However, back in Pele’s day, the Brazilian League apparently was the best league in the world, and also back then they did not have the same fitness training as the ones we have now. Also back then alot of footballer drank alcohol before a match, and they also played with a football that was heavy and hard, and with boots that weren’t crafted by the nike team for accuracy, precision, and power.

With todays advancements Pele and Maradona would have been better.

Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo to Pele and Maradona is like comparing Allen Iverson to Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

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cristiano Ilove you my hazband Iam tina ancic


Posted by tina ancic | Report as abusive

of course he is…he has approved that…42 goals in the season….the best player and the nicest..i love him…forever

Posted by mica | Report as abusive

[…] The question of whether such-and-such a player is the world’s best tends to generate more heat than light, and a great many superlatives directed at Cristiano Ronaldo. […]

Posted by Ribery’s uniquely beguiling talent | Soccer News Info | Report as abusive

Just writing this 11 or so months later to insist that Cristiano Ronaldo is by far the best the game has ever seen. With a virtually guaranteed Ballon on the horizon, it will be a clean sweep for the boy from Madeira Portugal. Even after his recent surgery, he’s already back on track. He is simply phenomenal.

Posted by C Ronaldo | Report as abusive

you are the best that know all people ? this is true ronaldo ?you play veryy wellll

Posted by ronaldo | Report as abusive

We all know that Cristiano Ranaldo is the best soccer player in the world! Im his biggest fan! Anyone that talks bad about him, well they SUCK! I have seen his dribbling his moves his goals, and on news thay said he won the first best player! He and his team manchester United are going play with barcelona, which i know Machester United will win and Cristiano Ranaldo will make the goals for the Finals! C. RANALDO YOU ARE THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND NOBODY WILL BEAT YOU UP, AND I AM YOU’RE BIGGEST FAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!

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Since moving to Real Ronaldo has fallen out of the limelight a little, and Messi seems to be grabbing all the headlines.

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