Tough nut Capello makes the right call in overlooking Beckham

January 31, 2008

Is this the end?A no-nonsense figure like Fabio Capello was never going to let the issue of one cap for one player get in the way of his thinking.

Although he has trained at Arsenal, David Beckham has not played a competitive game since November and if that had been the case for any other player, they too would have been left out of Capello’s first England squad.

The Italian has realised that a failing England have pandered to the wishes of their top players for too long. One guy getting 100 caps is nothing compared to the future health of the team.

Fellow wingers David Bentley, Shaun Wright Phillips and Ashley Young need international matches under their belt and Capello has wisely opted to pick them for next week’s friendly with Switzerland.

This is totally different to Steve McClaren’s attempt at stamping false authority on the team by dropping Beckham when he took over. This is not a gimmick by Capello, this is a sensible footballing decision.

Beckham may still get 100 caps, but at least he knows he’ll have to work for it.

Mark Meadows

PHOTO: England’s Beckham applauds the crowd following their Euro 2008 qualifying defeat to Croatia at Wembley, Nov. 21 2007 REUTERS/Eddie Keogh


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Beckham has been living off reputation, an over-hyped one at that, for far too long. He will be of no use to England at WC2010 so why not concentrate on giving experience to the like of Bentley who will actually be a part of the national team’s future.

Posted by Steve Wilson | Report as abusive

Why should anyone think Beckham deserved to be called up to the squad. He is not playing top flight football and never again will. I think he should never get the chance to get to 100 caps. How can England play a footballer who plays for an American team who even the great Liverpool could beat!!

Posted by Allan | Report as abusive

Easy decision for Capello.’The David Beckham Show’ or an England international football friendly.

Posted by Cy Nical | Report as abusive

Why do people keep saying he is fit, he can train for as long as he wants at arsenal, but that will not make him match fit. he needs games not training sessions. And he has no one to blame but his greedy self for why he is not playing games at the mo.

Posted by thrillhammer | Report as abusive

The only person this negatively affects is Beckham. On the positive side, it sends out a strong clear message to England players that they’ll need to be playing at the top of their game, otherwise they face the chop. Complacency is eradicated, respect is in place, and consistently good performances will arrive.

This was Capello’s first big decision as England manager. He got it spot on.

Posted by Andy @ Liquid Football | Report as abusive

My nick says it all, I’m a Liverpool fan.
So I should be saying that it’s good that beckham wasn’t picked, but I’ll play devil’s advocate here.

In my neutral point of view, sometimes the court jester’s contributions are neglected and Beckham has contributed a lot to football, whether in the media circus or on the pitch rescuing a sloppy England at least twice. He is one of few that has always given his 110% when the England jersey is put on. Isn’t that what the English want? someone who gives his all when he puts on the jersey.

I say thank that man and give him his 100th cap. It’s just a friendly match, no point getting so serious over it.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

As a nation we want a team that always gives 100%. Beckham epitomises this work ethic and always gave his all. Sometimes he may have courted publicity more than he should have done but overall he was a good servant to England and deserves recognition for this. He should of been told that he would be given the Cap but any further should be won on merit and not for personal accolades.

Posted by Darren S Bell | Report as abusive

Listen lads,
Friendly or not, this is an new era for the English team, we should be blooding in new players. Beckham is only interested in Brand Beckham. Time to move on as he did with his wife inspired move to the US

Posted by Allan | Report as abusive

I think the English are full of **it when it comes to their sports and national heros. Beckham has and will be recognised as one of the best players that your country has produced. So what that he has decided to move to the US , it does not mean that he does not love his country, at the end of the day he ha sto secure his future because the public and ? supports won`t. I persoanally think thatit was agood decision by capello but not because he has gone past his time.

Posted by pat | Report as abusive

English football at the club and national level is supposedly about passion. Regardless of the brand that Beckham has developed around his image no one can deny the passion he put into playing for England. Capello could have picked him as a sub and played him for a few minutes at the end of the game – hardly a risk in a friendly game. More passion in football these days seems to be aimed at who to hate players or clubs rather than who to love – it’s time we got our values back – then football at the national level may get back to what made England a force to taken seriously. Shame on us !!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Capello was never going to give Beckham his hundredth cap against Switzerland, his personality was all anybody needed to go on to see that ad if anyone believes that Beckham will get to the milestone, I think that they’re going to feel a little disappointed.
Fabio has already said that he is looking ahead to the future of the national side and a figure such as Beckham is firmly a name left in the past.
There may be some players called up who are coming to the end of their international careers but this will purely be to add depth of experience to the squad.
I personally think that Beckham deserves to reach one hundred caps but unfortunately there is only one man who can make this call and he doesn’t see things the way I do.

Posted by Betting Blue Boy | Report as abusive

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