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March 3, 2008

Do teams need a tough work-out in domestic football to prepare for a difficult Champions League match in midweek? Owen Wyatt is joined by Jon Bramley to discuss the question after Manchester United strolled to a 3-0 win over Fulham at the weekend.

Think you can do better than Owen and Jon in the punditry stakes? As Owen says in the clip, we’re hoping some of you will send us your video blogging efforts giving your views. Record yourself, or get someone to record you, on a video camera, video phone or even a digital still camera in video mode and post it up to a site like Youtube. As long as you tag it with the words “Vlog on the pitch” we’ll find it and we’ll showcase the best of them here.

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Kevin Fylan, Berlin


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Manchester United will take the title this year and deservedly so – superb squad and the best attacking midfielder the top division has ever seen.

However, next season expect Liverpool to finally get all the pieces in the right order and finally come up with the goods to win the title. With Torres they’re only one signing away now from a world class team and already have a superb squad that will take United all the way next year.

Posted by Anfield Red | Report as abusive

I don’t believe a tougher weekend game means better preparation for a Champions League match. If you consider that a team who go 3-0 up in the first half on a Saturday can take off key players and keep them fresh for the European game – surely this is better preparation for the intensity of the world’s top club competition? An adequately rested player should not be worried about failing to get up for such a game, and if they do, they should not be on the pitch.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

great chat owen..like real tv .. as old fulham fan i have to agree they are ponderous from what i saw on the tv and doomed to drop …came across the vlog while looking for news….good idea … monday mornings will check in from now on … kevin

Posted by kevin johstone | Report as abusive

hey enjoyed the vlog …. man united are obviously better than anyone else in the league they live and love to go forward and score goign to win champions and premier league

Posted by alastair hill – tout | Report as abusive

I agree Anfield Red from what I saw on Saturday I think that Man United will go on to win the Premiership. They just seem to have so much in the tank – I remember watching Anderson play for Porto in the Champions League a couple of seasons back and he looked deadly, given time he could be a real force in the Premiership. I like your optimism for next season…what kind of players do you think Liverpool need to bring in over the summer?

Tom – I think I am with you on this one – a well rested fresh player should be able to raise himself for a big game.

Posted by Owen | Report as abusive

lets have vlog on how come chelsea dont score many

Posted by emma hill | Report as abusive

Manchester United are certainly playing really well this season. They are a great side, with yes C. Ronaldo arguabely the best mid fielder around in Europe. And for quality like that u don’t need a tough match or anything to prepare for a Champions league encounter. I guess even if you wake them up from their sleep in the middle of the night and make them play, they would still win.
But it is still to early to say they will win the Premiership and the Champions league.

Arsenal are playing very well indeed, finally seem to have come out of their transition phase. If they can beat Milan at the San Siro tonight, then they will be serious contendors for the title. In the Premier league, well they may have had a blip in form, they are still the leaders and can go all the way. The talent and quality is still there.

And let’s not forget, there’s Chelsea prowling on the heals of Man U and the Gunners and its likely that they may end up winning both the trophies.

This is one fight, that seems will go to the wire.

Posted by Nachiket Kelkar | Report as abusive

Enjoyed the vlog guys… Personally I think teams need a tough game before going into a European match. It keeps them on their toes and although Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool all had comfortable wins at the weekend, I believe Arsenal’s tough game against the Villa will set themselves up nicely for their game against AC Milan. It keeps the siege mentality going amongst the players. Look for Arsenal to go through on away goals against Milan.

Posted by Luke | Report as abusive

hey guys… thoroughly enjoyable video, sorry i havent video blogged this reply. my point is regarding the strength of depth both man united and chelsea have in comparison to arsenal. there was an awful lot of praise lavished upon arsenal’s ‘youth’ team last year as they made their way to the carling cup final yet the fact of the matter is they havent cut it as wenger has slowly blooded them into the main team. maybe this is due to the lack of a true leader or inspirational figure at arsenal… we all saw the ridiculous behaviour of arsenals captain last week… no matter how emotional that game was (eduardo’s injury etc) gallas should be in the dressing room talking and rallying his players not crying in the centre circle! manchester united and chelsea both have the strength in depth and wealth of experience to challenge on all fronts, chelsea and man uniteds ‘squad’ players seem so much more effective than arsenals and this is perhaps why arsenals title challenge seems to be faltering.

sorry for the rather lengthy post

Posted by olivander | Report as abusive

i cannot help but agree with ollie on this one…there are certain key things you look for in a push for a title and one of these is having a talisman…i feel arsenal have simply replaced one egotistical frenchman in henry with an equally big headed and dilusional one with william gallas…dont get me wrong, arsenal are a fantastic team but this year is not their year…along with a leader it is essential for a team to have a superstar, and AT THE MOMENT, arsenal are playing without one, because fabregas has been below par since his injury…compare this to man utd…it is only a matter of time before they overtake arsenal and once again become champions…in order for arsenal to become champions once more wenger MUST change his transfer policy and obtain a superstar…

Posted by james | Report as abusive

I totally disagree that a team needs a talisman for a push to the title. I agree that Gallas is not the best man to lead Arsenal, but hey that won’t affect results.
Just look at the Champions league performances on Tuesday. Arsenal were dominant against Milan for the large part of the match and scored two good goals.
In contrast, Manchester United, which has so many stars just managed to scrape through with that one goal against Lyon.
To win matches all u need is a good squad, having confidence and will to play classy attacking football to outgun the oppponents. And the present bunch of Gunners do seem to have that. It is a bunch of boys who are strong, fast and play beautiful football.

Posted by Nachiket Kelkar | Report as abusive

fair points…but in my view there was only one star for that arsenal team against milan and that was mathieu flamini…he was dominant in midfield and marked,bossed and cut kaka completeley out the game on his own!! i turned to my flatmate who i was watching with and we both agreed that he was quickly becomming one of the premier defensive midfielders in Europe…wenger also showed tactical nouse to bring on walcott, who obviously had the beating of a dreaful milan back four, who my gran could outpace down the wing!!!!! arsenal will go far if senderos stays awake for the full 90 mins like he did the other nite…he is an accidnet waiting to happen and the sooner they get toure back the better…man utd were just on autopilot, was it ever really a match??

Posted by james | Report as abusive

Well said James. Senderos is indeed the weak link in the Arsenal back four. Toure is a wall and am hoping he comes back soon. Flamini as u say was terrific and he has given quite a few match winning performances now.
I guess Man United is one team that can afford switching to auto pilot and yawning away to victory once in a while.
But two sides need to be beware of the blues. Chelsea are right on their heals, and their easy victory against Olympiakos has showed that they can yet spring a surprise.

Posted by Nachiket Kelkar | Report as abusive

In the modern day world of football it is often soo easy to overlook how incredible arsene wenger is…i am not even an arsenal fan!!! when you look at his transfer dealings they are unqestionably the best in the premiership…YES, there are some blemishes in the form of reyes, potentially hleb for the money, BUT compare this to the likes of flamini, eboue, toure etc etc the list goes on…Arsenal is a model of how a football club should be run…no doubting ferguson’s class, but he has simply splashed the cash…and the joke is, i am slating senderos, but he would be a world class addition to a lower premiership club…it just shows the gulf that is forming…

Posted by james | Report as abusive