Another fan death in Italy, should away travel be banned?

March 31, 2008

Italy is hoping the death of a Parma fan on Sunday was not the result of more fan violence.

Matteo Bagnaresi was accidentally knocked down and killed by a bus, forcing Parma’s match at Juventus to be postponed.

Police said Parma and Juve fans were trading insults at a service station on the way to Turin where the accident happened. Juve fans and the coach driver say they were being threatened and that is why they made a quick get away, hitting Bagnaresi without realising.

Italy’s soccer hooligan problem is well-known and despite the facts about the latest incident being unclear, calls have been made for all away travel to be banned. 

Restrictions on travelling supporters are already strict in Italy, with away fans prohibited from attending high-risk games.

AS Roma host Manchester United in the Champions League on Tuesday following violence at their previous two encounters in Rome. United fans have been warned to stay alert.

Would a ban on all away travel be too much? What is the situation in other countries? The bottle thrown at the visiting keeper during Real Betis v Athletic Bilbao recently came from a home fan, for example.

Mark Meadows, Milan


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Mark, very good article. In response to the part about the Roma-United game, I think it is time that Italian clubs faced a European ban. Their poor behavior has been forced on fans around Europe for long enough. If it is good enough for bad British fans, it ought to be good enough for bad Italian fans.

Good luck to United fans, watch your backs.

Posted by Bryan | Report as abusive

i think that with all the trouble that the italian fans cause they should be banned from going to away games, also uefa should not just target roma with taking the champions league 09 final from rome, if the italian fans can’t behave then they need some sort of punnishment. for years english fans have been targeted for being violent and trouble makers, but we have never got to the problems that they have in italy.

Posted by Bingo81 | Report as abusive

English fans are dunderheads, as exemplified by previous entries.

Posted by Bryngo82 | Report as abusive